Committee Profiles


The Equestrian Victoria Show Horse Committee consists of passionate and motivated horse people, people who come from a wide range of equine backgrounds.

The EV Show Horse committee wants EV Members to know who we are and what we offer EV Show Horse, we have put together some brief profiles which will hopefully help you get to know who we are, you will notice reading through these profiles that the committee has numerous skill sets, a multitude of experience and a wealth of knowledge.



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I think it is fair to say the love and passion for horses runs in my blood. Growing up on a Thoroughbred Stud farm with both of my parents involved in the Racing Industry and Show Horse community. I have been showing from a very young age and absolutely love it. For me it’s not about the ribbons won but the journey for each horse I work with. 

Over the years I have been involved in and competed in Pony Club events, Endurance Riding, Show Jumping, Novelties, Hunting, breeding & showing Australian Ponies, Riding Ponies and showing hacks. I particularly love taking a retired race horse which I refer to as a “Diamond in the Rough”, retraining them and seeing them transform into a beautiful Show Horse show casing the breed’s versatility. I am a registered Racing Victoria Acknowledged Retrainer and an Official Ambassador for Racing Victoria’s Off The Track Program. Recently starting a charity called “R.A.C.E.D – Racehorse After Care Education Diversity” to provide pathways for horse leaving the racing industry. 

In the past I have sat on the working Committee for the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria’s Summer Horse Show and the Riding Pony Foal Show Committee that ran the Annual Foal Show.

Like the majority of Show Horse members horses are my hobby & passion, for me they fit in around my work as a Manager in Employment Services Industry and life in general. I feel I can represent our members in this space and look forward to giving back to a sport that has given me so much. 



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'I have been riding for as long as I can remember progressing through Pony Club and competing in showjumping and cross country before focusing on the show ring where I have achieved many successes over the years. I have educated and produced hacks, galloways and ponies who have all been extremely successful both locally, at Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne Royals as well as winners of Horse of the Year competitions.

I have competed successfully in Lady Rider competitions as well as Garryowen and Esquire equestrian turnouts. I have judged extensively throughout Australia at Royal Shows and Horse of the Year competitions as well as officiating in New Zealand on several occasions. I have judged both open and show hunter hacks, galloways, ponies, all age group riders and junior, intermediate and senior equestrian turnouts

I have two children who have also competed successfully in the showring as well as dressage and showjumping.

I have been a member of the Royal Melbourne Show Horse Committee where as a committee we were able to implement much needed changes to facilitate a more competitor friendly schedule and environment.

I feel that I have a lot of knowledge and experience to offer to the committee and the competitors which I hope will improve and enhance our show world. I would like to see both amateurs and professionals able to compete on a level playing field. I would also like to be able to facilitate events to encourage and educate our younger competitors as they are the future of the sport. I have been fortunate to have had many fun times and made many friends over the years and would like the next generation able to enjoy the same experience. Showing is denigrated sometimes but some of our best overseas riders have come from the show ring and I believe it gives an excellent grounding for riders to grow and develop.'


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My love affair with show horses commenced very early on, starting like most of us, with Pony Club many years ago. My friends and I decided we would go to the local gymkhana and from then on I was well and truly hooked. I showed successfully for quite a few years until family commitments made it too difficult to keep doing this.

I have been a National Show Horse judge for some time and I am also on the judge’s panel for Riding Ponies, Pintos and Palominos.  For the last couple of years I have been on the events committee for our Barastoc Horse of the Year and the Australasian Show Horse and Rider Championships, helping to organize and run these events. I feel like I can bring these skills to the Equestrian Victoria Show Horse committee and I do believe we are all working towards the same goal, to have show horse continue to be enjoyable, transparent and affordable. 


'My passion since childhood has been beautiful horses, and showing came as an extension of that. I appreciate a showing culture that is intrinsically different to other disciplines, and am passionate that this is retained. Showing is an art and is about so much more than competition platforms.

Coming from a non-horsey, farming family I appreciate the importance of affordability and youth development that nurtures talent and application. It is important that new competitors and young riders are provided with systems and competition arenas that continue recognise and reward talent, whilst providing an enjoyable and competitive environment for both recreational and professional competitors.

I have been involved in showing through riding, training, coaching, volunteering and administration so have a genuine understanding of the challenges, costs and rewards of showing..


'My involvement in Equestrian pursuits began with my children becoming interested in horse riding and as such we became members of the Castlemaine Pony Club.

The following lists the involvement since that beginning:

  • Committee Member - Castlemaine Pony Club
  • Committee Member - Gisborne South Pony Club (now Gisborn Pony Club)
  • Committee Member - Riddells Creek Pony Club
  • Owner of the Macedon Ranges Saddlery for 10 years
  • Co-Owner of racehorses over the period 1987 to 2014, including breeding and racing

The following lists my involvement in varoius organistions and pursuits in general:

  • Committee Member - Pinewood/Nottinghill Tennis Club and Gisborne Tennis Club
  • Secretary Syndal State Electorate Committee - Liberal Party
  • Administrator - King and Whittle Chartered Accountants - Gisborn Practice

My general experience over 30 years, has been gained by my involvement on a continuing basis of attending equestrian events, both throughout Victoria and interstate, providing hands-on support to my four children, who all at some time rode competitively and is still a continuing involvement.

I welcome the opportunity to bring to the committee, views and opinions that have been gained over those 30 years, and to strive to be involved in the maintaining and improving of standards in a sport that I enjoy and receive great satisfaction.


Mum and Dad ( Shirley and Ronnie )Started us out at Braybrook now Truganina Pony Club at primary school age back in the 70’s, with my brother Shane and Sister Tammy.
From there we entered the show world with Tammy the fancy rider , Shane the rough rider doing Novelties and me doing a bit in the Harness ring with my Dad…

My Daughter Sarah had a very successful Show career Riding Mondiso Park Royal Secret , finishing up in the sporting horse arena….and my son Jack, won Pony Club Champion at an early age, Loved every minute of that with my kids…was the best ever…

I am a Life member of Truganina Pony Club, Former DC of Woodend Pony Club and am currently actively involved with Central Zone of Pony Clubs, being a part of the Executive.

I have always loved volunteering and helping out others wherever I can, and was delighted being asked By Helen Heagney and Lorri Mansell to jump on board and help out at Barastoc and the Nationals.

Today I am still involved with the Pony Club and Show worlds, which I enjoy doing, and still being a part of, and try to put a smile on competitors faces and encouraging the young up and comers become confident in themselves.

I am not very comfortable writing a profile on myself, but was asked to, to give others an insight of where that marshal came from and who is he….
Love Ronnie G