EV Show Horse Membership Benefits
  • Affordable membership structure that caters for all; riders, owners, supporters and clubs.
  • 24 Hour Horse related accident insurance (Does not cover professional equestrians)
  • Horse registration data base for all horses.
  • A National Show Horse rule book that is applicable and enforceable to all competitors in
  • all states.
  • Show Horse clinics with experienced/qualified NCAS coaches.
  • Barastoc HOTY Show: Caters for all riders and breeds.
  • National Show: Opportunity to represent your state.
  • Amateur Show: Our non-professionals show.
  • Summer Show: Open Breeds section.
  • Winter Show: EV Qualifier.
  • EA measuring service with accredited measurers throughout the year.
  •  EA Judges List.
  • Judges Seminars.
  • Regular EV Show Horse Updates via email & Facebook.
  • Current and informative websites EV, EA & Events.
  • EV office equipped with staff that cover all administration areas.



EV Show Horse Committee

  • A knowledgeable, experienced, motivated, proactive and dedicated committee that is devoted to providing all EV Show Horse members with value for their membership.
  • A committee that welcomes constructive feedback from members, in the hope of improving, developing and promoting our sport.
  • A transparent, open, honest committee that acknowledges conflicts of interest.
  • A committee that takes the responsibility of providing a level playing field for all competitors seriously.