Dressage Performance Medals

2023 Dressage Victoria Performance Medals

Dressage Victoria awards Performance Medals for any athletes who obtain the following performances in the current year. The period is from 1st December 2022 to 29th November 2023, with presentations to be made at the 2023 Victorian Dressage Festival.


In order to be eligible for an award, a combination must have achieved a minimum of three percentages in one level in Official Competitive tests between the 1st December 2022 and the 29th November 2023, and all submitted percentages must meet or exceed the criteria laid out in the table below. 

Level Gold Silver Bronze
Novice 74% 73% 71%
Elementary 73% 71% 69%
Medium 70% 69% 67%
Advanced 70% 69% 67%
Small Tour 70% 68% 66%
Medium Tour 70% 68% 66%
Big Tour 70% 68% 66%
Para Dressage 70% 68% 67%



  • The qualifying period is from 1st December 2022 to 30th November 2023.
  • A rider will receive only the highest level medal they have qualified for; i.e. a Novice combination with 3 scores of 74% shall receive only a gold medal and not the bronze or silver.
  • Horses must be registered from Victoria.
  • The Rider or their agent must be in attendance to receive their award at the presentation on the 9-11 December at the Victorian Dressage Festival at Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre. Non-presented medals shall be forfeit and retained by Equestrian Victoria.
  • Performances can be from any Official competition.
  • Official Competitive overall scores only will be eligible (not individual judges scores).
  • HC results are not eligible.
  • Freestyle results are not eligible. 


Dressage Performance Medals-Information and Criteria.pdf