Victorian Dressage Development Squad


Congratulations to those riders who have been accepted into the EV Dressage Development Squad in our mid year intake. We look forward to working together starting with our squad training with Mary Hanna in July!.

Campbell Baxter HP Rapscallion (Sml Tour)
Zoe Farrant Weltstrom (Elem/Med)
Natasha Althoff-Kelley Wessel (Sml Tour)
Deborah Oliver Highfields Belaa Vita (Med/Av)
Sally Toulmin Roxleigh Frangelica (Adv/PSG)
Rachelle Wilson SPH Donner Cara (Med)
Jane Gordon Freedom R  (Med/Adv)
Jess Hivon Greenoaks Weltman (Big Tour)
* Sue Thompson Casino De Luxe (Elem)
* Sharon McCombe Ruby Wax (Elem)
* Phillipa Molnar Bloomfield Sorrento (Elem)

 * Denotes riders from Dec 2019 intake


The Dressage Victoria Development Squad is designed to be a pathway into the Pryde’s Senior Dressage Squad and to offer training and education opportunities for combinations who have achieved specific performance goals throughout the previous 12 month period, but who are not yet eligible for Senior Squad selection.


  • Provide a platform for horse and rider combinations to regularly access top class dressage instruction
  • Provide a holistic approach to the athlete’s competition preparation by delivery complimentary education in all facets of the sport including horse management, ASADA, media and psychology
  • Develop a sense of camaraderie and professionalism in the Victorian team
  • Provide a pathway to the Dressage High Performance Squads


Eligible scores will be taken from the preceding 12 months, i.e. for the July 2020 intake, eligible scores will be from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020, and for the December 2020 intake, from 15 December 2019 (after the Dressage Festival) to 14 December 2020.


  • Selection is per horse and rider combination who have attained qualifying scores.
  • Horses and riders must be sound and fit to satisfy competition standards. If this situation changes during the year the Committee must be advised of these changes as soon as possible. If the horse or rider becomes unfit to compete due to injury or illness or other causes, the rider must contact the Squad Selectors with an anticipated recovery time and regularly communicate progress.
  • Riders must be Australian citizens or permanent residents and must be eligible to represent Victoria if requested. Riders must be permanent residents of Victoria.
  • Riders must be current financial members of Equestrian Victoria.
  • Riders must be 18yrs and over.
  • No freestyle scores are eligible
  • No HC scores are eligible
  • Horses and ponies are eligible for selection
  • Riders must agree to fully participate in squad activities as per the signed Squad agreement
  • Riders will be asked to sign the Victorian Dressage Development Squad Athlete's Agreement upon approval of their application to indicate their acceptance
  • In the case where a rider or owner of the horse qualified does not comply with the Victorian Dressage Development Squad Selection Criteria, Athlete's Agreement Equestrian Australia rules, regulations and guidelines, including Athlete Anti-doping and Equine Anti-doping and Controlled Medication policies, during the selection period, this combination will not be eligible for Squad selection for a period of 12 months after the date of the sanction against them.
  • Combinations who are accepted onto the Development Squad MUST NOT be a member of any other Victorian Squad.
  • Riders must agree to notify the Dressage Development Squad Committee if they choose to apply and accept a position as a combination on another Victorian Squad.


To be eligible, riders must meet the following criteria:

  • 2 best percentages from 2 different OPEN EA competitions, equal to or above the minimum qualification percentage (see below). 
  • 2 scores from the same level OR qualifying scores from the graded level and the level above will be accepted. For example: 1 Elementary score of 68%+ and 1 Medium score 67%
  • Scores must be achieved from a minimum of 2 different qualifying competitions

Qualifications for this intake have been revised to 2 qualifying scores due to the 3 month period that we have not been able to compete due to COVID - 19. 


Scores from all OPEN Official Dressage Competitions run under EA regulations will be accepted


EA - Elementary 68% and over
EA - Medium/Advanced 67% and over
FEI Small Tour 64% and over
FEI Mediium Tour 63% and over
FEI Big Tour 61% and over
Young Horse 7.2 and over





Rachelle Wilson - [email protected]