Victorian AOR Leaderboard


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AOR August Leaderboard FINAL.pdf (updated 29 Sep)
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AOR Leaderboard December 2021 (Updated Small Tour).pdf


The Victorian Amateur Owner Rider group has been put together by a group of individuals to better the experiences and opportunities of Dressage Amateur Owner Riders in Victoria.

The VIC AOR group looks to bring new initiatives such as the AOR leaderboard rider of the month award, AOR Championships, specialised AOR clinics and the AOR awards night in an effort to encourage and support Amateur Owner Riders in Victoria.

The Victorian AOR group has many riders from grassroots level to FEI which greatly encourages participation in EA Competition. It is designed to give AOR competitors an opportunity to compete in open classes, but separating their results from those of professional athletes.


Emma Thomerson - [email protected]